Karalyn Lockhart grew up in Kelowna, wearing homemade clothes.  She ate her holiday meals around a table with a homemade centerpiece and homemade napkin rings. Her birthday parties had handcrafted invitations, hand painted decorations, and a homemade cake.  She wore homemade earrings, and put her hair up with a homemade scrunchie.  Although at the time she didn’t realize it, Karalyn grew up with a mom who’s talents resembled none other than the talented Martha Stewart.

It was this upbringing that gave Karalyn the appreciation for all things handcrafted.  It took a few years out in the real world for her to realize that not everyone has the ability to design and craft beautiful things, and those that do hold a special talent. Although she would call herself moderately handy around the crafting table, she found her calling in the Event Industry.

With over 5 years experience working in the tradeshow industry, Karalyn has a deep understanding on what makes a successful and well run event.  This knowledge paired with her appreciation for creative talent resulted in a little something called the Kelowna Christmas Show!